Bitcoin Digital Holdings , is a multi –service merchant bank dedicated to the digital assets and blockchain technology industry, it operates through the following business lines : Trading, Assets Management , Principal Investment and Advisory, The trading business covers arbitrage , macro , and market making , The Assets Management business manages external capital across passive and ecosystem funds , The principal investment business includes private equity , venture , public equity , ICO investments , and liquid and illiquid cryptocurrencies , The Advisory business includes capital markets , mergers and acquisitions , restructuring , and technical consulting services to both start–ups and established institutions .

BDH The Real and Only Deflationary Coin.

Bitcoin Digital Holdings BDH is the only real Deflationary currency in the current market, and the reasons for that are 1. Indefinitely fixed coins supply, coins will not be issued for mining, any distribution will not be made by BDH coins, no airdrops, or any other free coins distribution, the entire coins in circulation will be fully paid, 2, BDH coin holders would be able to convert their coin at a premium to market price, and buy endless of consumer products on Amazon via the issuer affiliates, or, book international flights and hotel room, via the issuer global travel affiliates, by spending BDH coins to buy products and services, the fixed BDH coins number will continue to decrease substantially and as the result, the coin will preserve its value, and market price should rise, 3, The BDH Deflationary will overwhelmingly bit the inflationary business model, where, both fiat and inflationary cryptocurrencies will lose substantial current value.

NFT platform- BDH is schedule to commence and complete the most advanced NFT Platform in the last quarter of 2021 , the said platform. will serve and mach creators and buyers in one of the most growing segment of the crypto sector, DeFi Exchange – BDH will complete construction of a DeFi Exchange during the final quartet of 2021, the exchange, overwhemingly outperform any similar exchange currently in the market, profits from the above operation, will be distributed pro rata to BDH coin holders on a quarterly basis,

Important Financial & Funding Facts

The total and fixed BDH coins to be issued according to the BDH protocol is 20.000.000 coins only, no further coins could be issued indefinitely , no free coins have been given out, no air drops or any other free coins promotion programs have been conducted, all the coins must be paid in full, PRICING: For the duration of the first 14 days, from the date of ico launch, the BDH coin to the public would be $ 0.001 per one BDH coin, thereafter, the price per one single BDH coin will go up 60% to be at $ 0.0016 per coin, no extension will be given or granted under any circumstances, The 19.000.000 ( 95% of the total coins outstanding), will be held in escrow, and will be used for further investments expansion to be scheduled. NET ASSETS PER ONE BDH COIN, The current tangible and intangible assets per one BDH estimated to be $ 2.35 per one single coin, IXBDH INDEX The value of the BDH coin will be pegged indefinitely to the basket of the 10 top major and most liquid currencies: BTC, ETH, XRP , BCH , DAI, MKR. TUSD ,USDT ,USDC, BUSD , if the BDH market price, will be below the current market price of the IXBDH INDEX for the period of more than 10 days, the issuer will use its reserved coins and assets to increase the value of the BDH to be equivalent to the IXBDH INDEX market price.

Transparency And Profit Sharing

Every three months, an independent trustee will verify and value the net asset allocated to each BDH coin, the valuation will be solely based on the net assets at the time the valuation has been conducted, any amount of asset exceeding the BDH coin market price will be distributed pro rata to BDH coin holders as a profit sharing, solely based on management discretion right.


Why must you invest in Bitcoin Digital Holdings

You're Investing In The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Digital Holdings is secured and linked to the BDHIndex. The BDHIndex consists of the top ten most valuable capitalized digital currencies available in the market. These top cryptocurrencies will have a 10% equal share in the BDHIndex.

Compensation For Lost Market Value

If BDH trades below the intrinsic market value price of the BDHIndex for a term of 60 days or more, free distribution will be made to BDH token holders to compensate for lost market value.

You Earn Bitcoin

When you invest in BDH, you're entitled to a distribution of 70% of increased coin value on a semi-annual basis. The terrific thing about it is that the distribution will be made in Bitcoin to coin holders.

You Can Buy and Sell BDH At The Best Available Price

When you buy or sell BDH, you can be sure you're doing it at the best available price as Bitcoin Digital Holdings has market price protection and upside potential in the future coin price.

Special Investment Program

You will have three months option to return to the issuer the BDH coins you have purchased at the initial quoted price, you will be fully refunded by the issuer on investment you have made , you will receive 1.2% monthly interest payment for the period, if you elected to return your coins, and be fully refunded , From the other end, you will be granted 3 months option, to buy more BDH coins at the initial quoted price, that additional amount of coins you will be able to purchase, is limited to the amount of BDH coins you have bought at the initial offering auction.

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We Create Unique investment platform that helps your Capital Grow steady And Safely, Our Diversification strategy is based on a long term growth, and firstly and most importantly on capital preservation, and a long time growth, no short cut, no over risky investments, very solid and mature approach with any investment to be considered, we are in the opinion, that Bitcoin Digital Holding ( BDH), has a long way to go and could be one of the top performers in the cryptocurrencies market, for the year 2021, and many years to come.


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Bitcoin Digital Holdings The Real And Only Deflationary Currency In The Market

Digital currencies come in different token models, usually with unique systems and features. Regardless of these distinctions, most token models can be categorized as inflationary and deflationary.

You may have already heard about the impact of inflation and deflation on the world’s economy. However, these concepts also play a significant function in cryptocurrencies.

Usually, when a coin has a fixed supply like Bitcoin Digital Holdings (BDH), it experiences deflation. On the contrary, when a coin produces an unlimited amount, inflation could occur.

In the fiat model, where a central bank can print money whenever they like, the value of a US dollar or Euro decreases over time. For instance, in the United States, a gallon of milk cost $0.52 in 1940, $1.12 in 1980, and $3.69 in 2021. This reflects how the value of the dollar has diminished while inflation has increased.

Fiat currencies are less valuable because central banks can increase money supply depending on their needs. This leads to a decrease in the currency’s buying power, and it’s known as inflation. Please note that all fiat currencies are inflationary.

In contrast, BDH is the real and only deflationary currency in the market as no central bank generates more coins. Instead, a fixed coin supply will continue to decrease as people use BDH to buy products and services. This means that the value of the currency will be preserved, and the market price should increase.

Benefits Of A Deflationary Currency Model

There are many benefits of using a deflationary currency model, such as:

1. Saving

As mentioned, all fiat currencies today are inflationary. This means that their buying power diminishes over time.

For instance, if you decide to save $1,000 for ten years, this money will not buy the same as it will today. As a result, it’s best to spend or invest this money today instead of saving it.

Contrary, Bitcoin Digital Holdings is deflationary. This means its value will increase over time. If you decide to save your BDH for ten years, it’ll likely buy you more things than it will today. Since its buying power increases, it’s wiser to keep it as an investment as it will be worth more in ten years.

2. Market Volatility

One of the primary advantages of deflationary currencies is that they’re not affected by market volatility. This is excellent for ICO’s investors as they don’t need to suffer a devalue in price.

3. Valuable Assets

It’s vital to understand that most cryptocurrencies are similar to gold rather than dollars, pounds, or euros. Since they’re valuable assets, as their worth increase with time, they’re not a sign of debt.

Fiat currencies have no inherent value as there are an infinite amount of them. When a person pays in fiat, it’s transferring paper with no financial worth.

Banks are able to place money in different places at once as they lend money against deposits. These types of “loans” are impossible with Bitcoin Digital Holdings because BDH can’t be at other locations at any moment.

Is It A Wise Idea To Use Bitcoin Digital Holdings As A Valuable Asset or Currency?

If you’re wondering if you should save BDH or use it as currency, keep reading!

Bitcoin Digital Holdings is a deflationary coin because, according to the BDH protocol, only 20,000,000 coins would be issued. So, you can expect an increase in value. Mainly when the fiat system and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ripple are inflationary. In this approach, Bitcoin Digital Holdings is a terrific store of value.

However, it’s vital to consider that BDH is a currency. Remember, the only way a currency gains value is by fulfilling its purpose to buy products and services. If BDH’s investors never spend the coin, it’ll never be worth it.

It’s essential to remember that BDH coin holders can convert their coins at an excellent market price to buy products and services. Besides, the fixed BDH coins amount will keep decreasing to protect their value.

So, do you hold on to the currency or use it to buy products or services?

The answer is simple: do both!

BDH’s investors must stimulate the use of the currency to prove its value. This is particularly necessary for the early stages. The community of Bitcoin Digital Holdings must embrace the mission to demonstrate the value of BDH by creating a demand.

However, it’s important never to forget that Bitcoin Digital Holdings is a deflationary currency, so it’ll be more valuable in the future. So, by holding the coin, we’re investing in our future selves.

We recommend creating a plan of cashing out. Please note that it’s never wise to hold a currency forever. It’s an excellent idea to cash your BDH whenever the price hits a specific price.

Also, make sure to spend BDH on consumer products on Amazon and book flights, hotel rooms, or rental cars. By spending Bitcoin Digital Holdings regularly, you’re proving to people BDH’s purpose.

Remember that you can quickly cash out your BDH to buy things you typically buy in fiat or credit cards. Be disciplined and always buy back what you consume. Demonstrating BDH’s utility is the perfect way to make the value increase in the future.

Investing in Bitcoin Digital Holdings is not only about holding a valuable asset but showing other investors the coin utility. Even though shifting your mindset can take time, you’ll soon realize the importance of having a real deflationary coin.

Finally, it’s vital to understand that BDH’s developers created a model that satisfies all investors’ requirements, as no coins will be issued for mining. There will be no airdrops or other free coins distributions since the total amount in circulation will be fully paid.
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